Falafel Salad

Commonly eaten in a pita, falafels are super tasty and work fantastically as the star of a salad.

To prepare them at home, you don’t have to make the falafel mix from scratch– So far  I’ve found microwaveable pre-formed balls (top photo, from the Loblaws vegetarian section by the fresh produce) and a box mix that you just add water to and fry (second photo, from the Loblaws isles).

I prefer a bit of crunch to my falafel, so the fry mix was more to my taste (compared to the softer microwaved ones). The microwaveable falafels are definitely easier to prepare, but they’re both really simple. Choose which you prefer and just follow package instructions!

Tip: If you choose to fry your own, make sure the oil is *really* hot first, or else your falafels will just fall apart as they fry.

** As for the “salad” part, add whatever veggies you like!

In the top photo, I used lettuce, red pepper, yellow pepper and tzatziki.

In the bottom photo, I used parsley, carrot (just shredded on), tomato and tzatziki.

* You can find a super simple tzatziki recipe under the Tookies “Sauces and Dips” category.



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