Hot Brown Sugar Apple Granola over Ice Cream

The air is getting cooler outside and the scent of  burning firewood has begun to linger during recent evenings.

When Autumn calls, hot apple pie topped with ice cream is always a welcome dessert. Don’t have the time to make one? Not a problem! This dessert incorporates a few of the delicious flavours of that favourite Fall staple and can be quickly whipped up for all to enjoy.

Here’s all you need:

  • Ice Cream (I used Pralines N’ Cream, but French Vanilla would work)
  • 2 Apples (peeled, sliced)
  • Brown Sugar (I used about 3 tablespoons)
  • Vanilla Extract (about a teaspoon)
  • Pre-Made Granola Cereal (I love Quaker Harvest Crunch “Original”)

Here’s what you do:

  1. In a lid-covered pan with raised sides (or pot with lid), heat apples over medium heat until softened to your liking.
  2. Add Brown Sugar. Mix to coat.
  3. Add Vanilla. Mix to Coat.
  4. Turn off stove and remove from heat. Cover.
  5. Get your ice cream scooped into bowls.
  6. Add granola into the apple mixture, stir gently, spoon over ice cream. (Wait until you’re ready to serve to put in granola so it stays crunchy and doesn’t get soggy.)
  7. Dig in!

The combination of smooth and crunchy textures, along with the varied temperatures and rich flavours make this dessert so delectable to eat.


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