Scrumptious Vanilla-Orange French Toast

Yum yum yummy!

I heard about this idea from a friend, and thought I’d try making my own version. I’ve since repeated the recipe numerous times and it’s always a hit!

The flavour is fresh and homey– the orange is unexpected yet welcome, and the vanilla adds irresistible richness. — Not to mention cooking it will make your place smell fantastic.

Try it out and impress whoever you’re cooking for!

What you need (assuming the recipe is for 6 french toast pieces):

  • 4 eggs (about 1 extra large egg per 2 pieces of bread)
  • milk (a small dash)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • zest of 2 large oranges
  • bread slices (I use challah bread for this recipe)
  • grease (butter or margarine)
  • optional: pure maple syrup (I always use this!) & icing sugar (for decorated, “professional” appearance)

What you do:

Grate the zest off of the oranges, into a shallow, wide bowl.

Add your eggs, vanilla and dash of milk to the bowl. WHISK. (I use a plain ol’ fork for this.)

Let the egg mixture sit for at least 15 minutes (up to 30 mins), since this will help infuse the egg with the orange flavour. (You don’t want to let the egg sit out too long, though, for safety reasons.)

Get out the largest pan you have. Set it onto medium-high heat. Grease it.

Working with one piece of bread at a time, dunk the whole piece of bread into the egg mixture, so that the bread is lying face-down in the bowl. Let it soak in the egg for about 3 seconds. Flip the bread over, and let it soak on that side for another 3 seconds. Immediately transfer to the hot pan***. Repeat with as many slices as will fit comfortably in the pan.

Ensuring the first side of each bread/egg piece has cooked, flip them over to cook through the other side.

Set aside cooked french toast (stacking to keep warm), and repeat the process of greasing the pan and dunking, flipping & cooking the bread with however much bread is needed to use up the egg mixture.

Top with your favourite syrup and enjoy alone or with your choice of sides!

*** IMPORTANT: The more of the egg mixture that gets used up, the more of the orange zest that will stick to your bread slices when you soak ’em. Use your finger to swipe off excess orange, since it could end up being too much to handle. (Some is okay.)


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