About This Blog

Me appreciating Jamie Oliver, a man with a great message (and great kitchen tips!)

Welcome to Tookies!— the place where I’ll post my culinary endeavours and share my passion for home-made meals.

First thing’s first: I should probably address the somewhat obscure title of this blog. It was an ordeal trying to find a name that wasn’t already snatched up by bloggers, and it was another trying to find a short name that actually conveyed my to-be blog’s objective. A little annoyed by my apparent lack of originality (with so many names being taken), I didn’t want to have to settle for some mediocre, semi-witty/semi-lame title.

My boyfriend suggested I choose a name entirely unrelated to the blog itself– just as Silversnail doesn’t really have anything to do with comics. I kinda liked it. Running with that idea, I actually ended up choosing a name that did indeed relate to my experiences in the kitchen: “tookies” is a nickname I playfully gave to tiny cookies. (I also created “muffino” for baby/bambino muffins… okay, you can stop rolling your eyes now.) In any case, the name celebrates creativity in the kitchen and I liked it. And the domain wasn’t taken!

On to business: What’s this blog about? To put it simply, it’s about showing you that cooking can be easy. There’s no doubt that home-made meals are the best meals. So why do so many people think they can’t make them?? Perhaps it’s because cooking something delicious seems like a chore, a task that requires immense amounts of effort. I’m here to show you otherwise.

Just so you know, I’m a student. That means I have a budget, and I don’t have entire days to prepare meals. With that said, I started out seeking quick and easy recipes, or at least ones that don’t make me want to tear out my own hair. Now, I’ll often just open up my fridge and throw together ingredients I think will work. I’ve gotten the hang of it with practice, and you can too!

I believe in the importance of healthy, wholesome ingredients. It’s about time more people know how to use them!

I hope you enjoy your stay, and check back often!


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