Awesome Finds

On this page, I’ll post kitchen finds that I like. Simple as that.

Garlic Press

I used to manually chop up all my garlic, which was time-consuming and had my fingers smelling like garlic for ages.

On a trip to IKEA one day I ended up seeing the second garlic press pictured above for $5.99, and figured, what the heck. So I got it, tried it, and never looked back.

The act of pressing brings out the flavour SO much more than chopping. Just peel your cloves, put them inside the press (I usually do 2 at a time), and press directly into your pot/pan.

I love it!

Quaker Muffin Mix

(I add ingredients like banana, berries and/or nuts and make mini muffins)

Quaker’s got a bunch of muffin mixes that take very little effort to prepare. And, they’re pretty darn delicious!

I like to use a small muffin tray and make 24 mini muffins from half a bag (*which reduces baking time to 8-10 minutes*).  I also like to add either banana (blended first), walnuts, blueberries, raspberries… into the batches depending on which muffins I’m making.

Cost: about 5 bucks a bag.


PC Brand 2 kg 4-Berry Blend (Frozen)

There’s a wide variety of frozen fruits available at supermarkets now, and they can be super handy. The mix pictured here is my favourite so far (because of the berry mix and the economical size for the price). My boyfriend and I use it almost daily in smoothies, and it can also be used in oatmeal, boiled into a warm fruit “syrup” for pancakes or waffles (you can use only one type of fruit from the bag if you like), eaten as a refreshing cold treat in the summer, put into drink pitchers…

Other mixes lend themselves better to thawing for a fruit salad (the berries can become a bit soggy).

If you don’t want to freeze your own fruit, try these out!

Cost: ~ $15




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